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Operating manual

Before using universal capper refer to this operating manual.

Please watch this video to understand proper handling:

General information:

Universal capper is designed to put percussion caps without wings on the nipple of black powder pistols, revolvers and rifles.

It can accommodate about 150 percussion caps (100 in case of PCCS) of various types, fitting in the maximum dimensions of 4.6mm in diameter and 4.7mm in height, for example: Remington No. 10, Sellier & Bellot 4.0 RWS1075, CCI 10& 11.



It consists of the following parts:

- body and head (brass)

- lid (brass)

- piston (made in 3D printing technology from special plastic)

- spring (steel)

- screw forming the axis of rotation of the lid

- knob lock (brass)

- piston button and pad (brass and plastic)



Universal capper produced by Polish Cappers is made almost entirely of brass, which is quite hard and strong material, but in contact with steel elements such as a nipple, cylinder, etc. it is exposed to damage.


Therefore, in order to extend the efficiency of universal capper it is recommended to stick to the following instructions:


While using universal capper apply minimum necessary force.

• When putting percussion cap on the nipple precision movement along the vertical axis of the nipple up and down is needed. Movements to the sides or lateral to the vertical axis of the nipple can damage the head. Before placing the percussion caps on the nipple, make sure that they have the right size: too large percussion cap will not stay on the nipple and the universal capper will not be able to apply it correctly. Only the percussion caps properly matched to the size of the nipple allow for effective use of the universal capper.

• Using universal capper do not use shields for the nipple.

• When closing the lid of the universal capper, pay attention to the exact fit of the lid to the body and tighten the knob gently.

• The screw forming the axis of rotation of the lid is glued permanently, which is why the attempt to loosen it can damage the universal capper.

• Handling of the loading piston should be smooth without the use of force. Be careful not to damage the piston through eg. snapping / stretching and letting go of the loading piston /. The loading piston after stretching by your thumb must be gently slow down.

• Universal capper has a hole for attaching a strap. When opening the lid be careful not to damage the lid by hooked carabiner. It is absolutely necessary to unhook the carabiner before opening the lid.


Handling of the universal capper

In order to load percussion caps to the loading chamber of the universal capper you need to follow four steps:

• Loosen the lock knob so that the lid could slide out from under it smoothly.

• Move the lid until you have free access to the loading chamber.

• Pour the caps into the loading chamber. By lightly shaking universal capper sideways most of percussion caps will be set in the correct position, with the holes upwards. Those that do not have set as it should be, must be set manually, so that all were set in the same way.

• After closing the lid, make sure that the lid thoroughly covered the body of the universal capper and then tighten the knob gently.

Now the universal capper can be shaken in different ways and in spite of it the caps will not fall over.


Application of percussion caps on the nipple using universal capper:

One can use the universal capper also in winter conditions without removing the gloves.

Before putting the percussion cap on the nipple perform three movements:

1. Point the loading head downwards in order to move contained in the chamber percussion caps toward it. As a result, one of the percussion caps will fall into a small space, located between the body wall, the piston and the piston guard.

2. Point the loading head upwards in order to move the rest of percussion caps to the bottom of the loading chamber. This is to be done in such a way that the aforesaid percussion cap should not leave a small space.

3. Gently pull the loading piston all the way and tilt universal capper in its direction, so that the percussion cap could move and take up the position above the loading piston. The loading head must be little bit upwards so percussion cap will not fall free to loading head. It must be loaded to loading head by direct push of loading piston as described below.

Release the loading piston lightly and it will move the percussion cap into the loading head. In this position the percussion cap is pressed toward the back wall of the loading head with the force, which prevents it to fall out from the universal capper. Now one can put it on the nipple.

Place the percussion cap on the nipple to the end, trying to move it along the vertical axis of the nipple only. / As it was mentioned above, movements from side to side can damage the loading head. /

The proper use of the universal capper can be seen on the video, presented at: and

Universal capper requires no maintenance or use of any grease or lubricants. One should just keep its head and chamber pure.

The polished exterior surface of the universal capper is exposed to scratches. Therefore, for example one should not wear it in the bag without cover together with the sharp and hard objects.

Universal capper is made of brass, which over time is naturally oxidized, what causes the change of its color and gloss. Small imperfections due to manufacturing process do not impact proper operation.

Failure to follow these instructions may result in damage to the universal capper. In this case, the buyer loses the right to claim compensation or replacement of the universal capper to a new one.

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4.90 / 5.00 229 reviews
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
What a marvelous bit of kit I have a few of these and all work perfectly, very well made and just a handy size for your pocket
Great capper if you are running a colt clone! Very happy with it, thank you!