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Basic safety rules

Basic safety rules that should be constantly remembered and must be strictly adhered to.

The universal capper is a very important element of the equipment of every professional shooter. It is especially useful on cold days, when your hands are cold, and it is difficult to put the percussion cap on the nipple with your bare fingers. In summer, it is much less troublesome.

Let's remember about a very important rule, we do not put on the percussion caps outside the shooting range, outside the shooting position. We always do it with full safety rules and do not put down the weapon with the capps on, e.g., to correct glasses, put on headphones, scratch ourselves, etc. If there is such a need, we must first carefully remove all the percussion caps.

It is also not allowed to put percussion caps on the nipples of revolver drums removed from the frame of the weapon, i.e., it is not allowed to load the drum with powder or a ball and put on the percussion caps when the drum is not in the revolver. From the moment the cap is attached to the nipple, the loaded revolver is ready to fire, and it is necessary to shoot safely towards the target in accordance with the rules of the shooting range.


If we have a misfire, be careful because the shot may often be delayed, so you should then continue aiming towards the target and wait about 20 seconds, only after this time you can reload the revolver to the next chamber and fire another shot.

Always remember to keep the barrel pointed at the bullet trap while manipulating with the weapon. A percussion cap that has not fired, we can try to take it again, hoping it will fire the second time. It is often possible. If it fails, remove the cap and replace it with a new one. Remember that when you do not have a capper, you must ensure that the caps that you do not use in a given series are closed in a box during shooting or secured so that the sparks from the revolver do not get into them and cause an explosion, the same applies to the gunpowder.

As a former competitor and former Polish champion, I allowed myself to recall the basic safety rules. I encourage you to undergo black powder training before shooting yourself and all those who are already familiar with the subject, please categorically pay attention to other shooters who do not follow these rules. Do not be ashamed to pay attention to others because it can save someone's life and health.

Remember, shooting is a beautiful sport, I wish you all successful and safe trips to the shooting range.

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